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2023 Gigs

Feb 4 Conservative Club, Swindon

Mar 19 (Sun) The Kings, Old Town

Apr 8 Wroughton Club, Wroughton

Apr 15 Conservative Club, Swindon

Apr 22 Liberal Club Calne

May 27 Swindon&Cricklade Railway Society

June 18 (Sun) the Kings, Old Town

July 15 Conservative Club, Swindon

July 22 Challows RBL Club, Wantage

Aug 11 Private Party

Sept 9 Conservative Club, Swindon

Nov 5 (Sun) The Kings, Old Town

Nov 11 Conservative Club, Swindon

2024 Gigs

Jan 13  (with guest) Conservative Club, Swindon

Mar 23  Conservative Club, Swindon

May 18 Wroughton Club, Wroughton

May 25 Swindon & Cricklade Railway Beer Festival

June 8  (with guest) Conservative Club, Swindon

Aug 18 (with guest) (Sun) the Kings, Old Town

Sept 14 Conservative Club, Swindon

Sept 28 Wroughton Club, Wroughton

Oct 20 (with guest) (Sun) the Kings, Old Town

Nov 16 (with guest) Conservative Club, Swindon

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